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Brass for Africa to engage the UK Brass Band Community

Brass for Africa is reaching out to the British Brass Band community in a new initiative to both raise funds and get Brass Band enthusiasts directly involved in the work of the charity.

Further to this the charity has announced with great pride that renowned conductor and adjudicator Richard Evans has kindly agreed to take the position of Brass for Africa, Brass Band Ambassador from the 1st of September 2016.

In his role Richard will be reaching out to the banding community, spreading the word about the charity’s work and enthusing people to come on board and support the charity in whatever way they can.

Richard says: “When I think about my first years in Brass banding in the ’40s and ’50s, I realise how lucky I have been with all the support received from the Brass Band movement…

The young players in Uganda have virtually nothing, yet my dear friend Alan Fernie told me when he visited them, that they never stopped smiling and were the happiest brass musicians he had ever seen.​

Please friends, let us help to give these youngsters a brighter future!”

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