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Music and Hope

This month (March 2018) we were delighted to officially launch a new programme in partnership with Hope for Children, an international charity that passionately believes every child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood.

This project meets both Brass for Africa and Hope for Children’s joint objectives to work with out-of-school children and children at risk of dropping out to help them go to, and stay in, school and to deliver targeted activities to develop Life Skills and address some of the most pressing issues affecting them.

Some quotes from the day,

“The teacher said we should relax in order to play the instrument and I feel very relaxed and happy” – Christine

“I believe my trombone will make me famous!” – Hassan

“I now have a chance to build my talent” – Jane

“This new skill will help me in the future” – Caro

“I just want to learn and learn again” – Faith
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