Three distinctions & quite a journey!

Last month, Brass for Africa Music and Life-Skills teachers Jjuuko, Brian and Mouris were entered for their ABRSM Grade 5 Performance exam – the world’s leading provider of music exams formed in partnership with the Royal Schools of Music.

This year, due to COVID19, students across the globe have been assessed remotely by submitting a recording. But what would you do without a piano or internet at home? Luckily, Brian and Mouris were able to record their exams in a studio with time to spare. But, just as Jjuuko was on his way to record his, Uganda was put into a second lockdown that stopped all public and private transport.

The road trip begins! In search of a quiet room with a piano, Jjuuko, Lizzie (Director of Music Education & accompanist)  and Rebecca (Administrator & camerawoman) set off on a 12.5KM trek. Walking on main roads and down railway tracks through the suburbs and the industrial area of Kampala with their instruments, recording equipment and scores, they walked for a total of 3.5 hours in the full heat of the Ugandan sun. 

The results are in! Jjuuko, who plays the cornet, achieved a Distinction!  Mouris, who plays the trombone, cycled from Kawempe to Nsambya to collect his results (24km round trip!) – he also achieved a Distinction. And Brian, who plays the trumpet, achieved Distinction. Triple whammy! 

Congratulations to these three fantastic teachers and musicians for accomplishing such remarkable results.