The Brass for Africa All-Stars Band gives young people within our programmes an extra opportunity to develop their musical talent and meet other young musicians from all over Kampala and Kalangala.

Each month, a weekend is spent at the Brass for Africa Centre in Kampala where the musicians can play together, learn new pieces, and ultimately train as a high-level group with the intention of representing their outreaches and peers at various events.

The band has 31 participants (12 girls and 19 boys) who auditioned at the end of 2021.

The learning received during the weekend also allows the young musicians to help their fellow bandmates by sharing their knowledge and ability.

We got a chance to speak to some of the members of the All-Stars Band about their experiences and highlights.

Joan – plays an Eb Tenor Horn in the All-Stars Band.

“The All-Stars Band has enabled me to learn different musical pieces including Star Wars. At first, these pieces were difficult but with the help of our teachers, they turned to be simple. The band has given me hope for my music career and empowered me to work hard in everything I do.”

Mark – plays drums in the All-Stars Band.

“Through the All-Stars Band, I have learnt new types of music, how to play them and different Life-Skills which help us in the real world. I have also been able to interact with different people from Kalangala and Kampala.”

Aisha – plays solo horn in the All-Stars Band.

“Through the All-Stars Band, I have been able to make new friends and improve my Sight Reading through the pieces we play, creativity, teamwork, performance, and leadership skills.  My favourite thing in this band is rehearsing where we get to learn new musical terms, conducting and others. My dream is to become a Professional Musician and I believe this band is preparing me for that.”

Arnold – plays a tenor trombone in the All-Stars Band.

“It has enabled me to improve my pitching.”