Brass for Africa is excited to announce the launch of Brass for Africa Music Publications.

As a creative charity believing whole heartedly in the huge educational, community, social and personal development benefits of music, Brass for Africa is delighted to be able to publish original music composed especially for the charity by renowned and acclaimed brass band composers, starting with Alan Fernie!

Brass for Africa will receive 100% of all profits from the sale of these works, funds that are vital to enable the charity to fulfil its mission of transforming the lives of extremely disadvantaged children and young people in Africa through music education and Life-Skills training.

Alan Fernie was appointed Brass for Africa’s Composer in Residence in 2016 and has visited Kampala several times to teach, conduct and mentor the young musicians and teachers.

Alan says “Having seen first-hand, and been involved with, the incredible and life changing work of Brass for Africa I feel extremely privileged to be involved with the charity, and especially as their Composer in Residence. I can also say that I feel my work for Brass for Africa has made me a better composer, a better teacher and indeed a better person!”

“This is such an exciting development for Brass for Africa, being able to offer the brass band world some really great music to play seems an ideal way to not only support our cause but also to engage and inform musicians around the world of our work and the power of music to make real and tangible positive change to young people living very difficult lives.” Says Brass for Africa Executive Director Jim Trott

Two original works are currently available in the Brass for Africa Music Publications catalogue with more original works to be added soon.

They can be found by visiting or in the 4 Bars Rest Shop Here