And that’s a wrap! 12,000 miles, 20 performances, 12 musicians, 3 countries – Brass for Africa’s first tour across Europe is officially over.

From performing at the World Music Contest in the Netherlands to the renowned Verbier Music Festival & KKL Luzern in Switzerland, and the brand-new Gasteig Hall Saal X in Germany, the Brass for Africa band wowed the crowds with their colourful programme!

These talented 12 young performers began their journey with Brass for Africa as beneficiaries within our programmes, in environments such as informal settlement areas, orphanages and rehabilitation centres. Their dedication led them to be recruited as teachers, and in their daily work, as Music and Life-Skills Teachers at Brass for Africa, they inspire the next generation of change-makers.

Above all, this incredible tour has brought opportunity, possibility, and hope. Not just for our teachers, but also for the thousands of children and young people that we work with every week across sub-Saharan Africa. There is no doubt about it: music creates brighter futures!


“My experience on the plane was amazing though I was nervous during the first plane’s setting off and landing! When we were in Switzerland, we met a lady called Ursula who became a good friend to us, and she taught us one thing called yodelling and whenever we could wake up in the morning, she could sing to us this song. I also got a chance to see the tall and beautiful mountains travel by cable cars.”


“This was my first time being in a plane and whenever it was flying, I could feel like my spirit was also lifted. I loved the fact that people appreciated usand were eager to hear and see what we do! This encouraged us to put in more energy into our performances. I also liked performing on pretty and big stages. Thanks, Brass for Africa management for such a great opportunity.”


“Thank you, Brass for Africa, for the opportunity. I really enjoyed many things in the tour such as getting more skills from other bands, learning new languages, surprising people with my Euphonium playing (people were surprised to see a lady from Africa playing it) and lastly the people were all welcoming.”


“We found good musicians who were amazed to see us playing music while dancing and I loved the fact that the vibe we had made the Ugandan flag be raised up. Some musicians from the Netherlands even learnt our Ugandan dance moves! If I were to have a tour again, I would love to go back to Switzerland because of our amazing new friend called Ursula, so that we can see her again. “


“It was such a great experience and a great opportunity too. Since it was my first time, I also got nervous on the first plane. In all three countries, the people were very lovely, friendly, and caring. I loved to see people being amazed by our band. It made me feel so proud of where I come from. ”


“It was my first time boarding a plane and I am so happy about this. My favourite place was Germany because the people were welcoming and they were so happy to see us, the food I liked most was pizza with meat. While in Kerkrade, I met a friend of mine who motivated me to do personal practice to sound better. I can’t wait to teach my students.”


“This tour enabled me to meet very many wonderful musicians who helped and taught me various things which have helped me to develop in my ways of performing and I am looking forward to applying each and everything in my teaching.”


In 2023, after the success in Europe, 6 Brass for Africa musicians from Uganda will travel to Spain to premier “KISOBOKA” (Everything Is Possible) – a specially-commissioned Concerto Grosso for Brass for Africa and Symphony Orchestra, composed by Guy barker MBE and Alan Fernie.



Author: Aisha Nassaazi. Aisha is one of the beneficiaries of our partnership with GLONEVA – a locally-led organisation based in the informal settlement of Namuwongo, Kampala. She is also a member of the Brass for Africa All-Stars Band and is currently a student at the African Institute of Music. During her summer break, Aisha is supporting Brass for Africa in collecting stories from the field and writing articles to share with our global audience!