Have you ever wondered how a drum is made? Bass, side (snare) or tenor?

First, make sure that you have the right materials: plywood, glue, nails, famaica, wires (for the snare drum) and drum skin.

Our team in Kampala have made up 3 bass drums, 6 side drums, and 3 tenor drums using the following steps:
  1. Find a large board piece of plywood. (This will be your main material).
  2. Cut it to the size of the drum you want to make (i.e. bass drum, tenor drum, or side drum).
  3. Wet the plywood so that it can bend into a circular shape easily.
  4. Repeat this, however make sure that the second piece is a smaller shape, so that it can fit inside the first. (We do this to make the drum strong).
  5. Once in a circle shape, glue the plywood pieces together with glue and screws.
  6. Wait 3 days for the glue to dry, and then remove the screws.
  7. Cut the famaica material (which determines the colour of your drum) into a size which circles around the plywood.
  8. Use the glue again to stick the famaica onto the plywood. (Superglue is used when sticking the last edges of famaica together to make sure that it sticks).
  9. Get the drum skin, and measure it with a metal circle around the plywood.
  10. Weld the metal around the skin of the drum.
  11. Add the vibrators to the bottom of the drum (this creates the snare sound).
  12. Put hooks around the drum to connect the two skins. (The hooks are used to tune the drum).
  13. Screw in the hooks to keep everything together.
  14. Finally, tune the drum by turning the hooks to the right sound.
And there you have it, a new drum ready to be played and enjoyed!